Are enough ideal clients finding YOU? Do they show up trusting that you're the BEST professional resource for them? Are they highly motivated to invest in the transformation you provide?

They will be... once you land a highly profitable niche of your own!

Dear Conscious Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Consultants:

You are primed to be a highly sought after resource for a unique group of people. Great things are happening for you, but the flow of clients and income isn’t what you hoped for. You’ve heard that choosing a more narrow niche is critical but it’s a big conundrum how to choose wisely.

In the back of your mind this tape is playing over and over…

“I should be further along in my business! Why is this taking so long?”

“I’ve tapped everyone I know so where will I find my next clients?”

“Why are so many people saying they can’t afford my services?”

There’s a simple reason why . . .

And there’s an elegant solution, that’s so effective that you’ll be amazed and relieved once it’s in play for you.

Good news! You do NOT have to have expertise, a big list, or be a big name for this to work for you. But you WILL become an expert, build a big list and become a big name with this simple but critical key.

The key is to tailor your message and offers for a highly profitable niche market — a unique and targeted group of people that you easily become THE go-to resource for.

Here’s the “secret” to a thriving business: Knowing WHO you serve and WHAT they really want is the key to having all the clients you want, anytime you want, at fees that pay you well.

When you hold space for the people that you’re most suited to serve right now — you shift suddenly and attract clients like a magnet because…

You immediately tap into a sense of inner authority that gives you confidence and an air expertise.

You get in on the INSIDE of what’s important to a group of people who are hungry for the transformation you provide!

They come looking for you.

They do much of your marketing for you, sending you more clients who pay well and stay longer.

Here is the true story of a Life Purpose Coach who discovered her highly profitable niche and the power of knowing what they truly want and will buy…

Sharon Desjarlais is certified as a Life Purpose and Career Coach through an ICF-approved training program.

She thought she was set with everything she needed to make a good living doing what she loved most. Then she spent the next 2 years struggling to earn enough for her family. Sound familiar?

She coached everyone she could find delivering life purpose and career coaching, but she ran out of prospects and the few clients she had didn’t bring her enough income to pay her bills. But she felt so certain in her heart that life purpose coaching was her path.

Then she called me. And in one conversation she discovered the solution that’s helped her become THE MOST RECOGNIZED coach in her market.

Here’s Sharon’s story in her own words…

“In less than 30 days I filled my coaching programs!”
“I’m still in awe as I look back at the day I frantically called Rhonda for help. I could not get consistent results and enough income to live on through my life purpose coaching. I tried everything, but I couldn’t make any headway.

Day in and day out, it felt like I was hitting my head against a steel door. I had no idea what I was doing wrong.

“Then, in a single session, Rhonda walked me through a process that swung the doors wide open. And the moment I realized who my ideal coaching market was, I fell in love with coaching and being an entrepreneur all over again.

“Within weeks I retooled my website to speak directly to the target audience I chose: CranioSacral Therapists who want to grow their practices with ease. I wasn’t, then or ever, a CranioSacral Therapist myself. But I knew where to find them which was key. So I was able to quickly discover their top challenges and greatest desires, and offer them coaching solutions in a language they could understand.

“With my new market in mind, I re-tooled my website in August and re-opened my doors that September. Even my high ticket coaching programs filled in less than 30 days!

“Now, using Rhonda’s formula, I never need to hunt for new clients. Instead, they come calling for me. And they stay a lot longer. Some clients stay with me for 3 years or more.

“By tailoring my message to my target audience, my list quickly grew by thousands. That paid off handsomely when I launched my first recurring revenue product. I made more than $4,000 in 4 days!

“Today I’m THE coach that CranioSacral Therapists know to call when they want to fulfill their life purpose.

“Yes, that’s right. I still get to coach around the topics I love, with people I deeply enjoy and respect. Finally, I can authentically say I am a top coach and wildly successful entrepreneur! And now I’ve expanded by partnering with another expert to serve even more healers with our Client Rich System.”

Sharon Desjarlais
Co-Founder, Client Rich

Now you can put that same secret to work for YOU.
Here is the workshop that coaches and other change agents are talking about that helped them go from unknown to being in high demand.
This is the niche system that will help you…
Earn More & Market Less.
Your Highly Profitable Niche
with international business mentor and Niche Success Strategist, Rhonda Hess

Here’s your opportunity to get expert advice on exactly how you can transform your business into a cash-generating machine that compels your clients to line up for everything you offer.

In this breakthrough system you’ll discover:

  • The easiest way to become THE top-of-mind resource in any economy.
  • How to attract and enroll new clients simply by connecting and listening to them.
  • A litmus test to discover which niches will bring you a steady stream of clients who pay well, refer often and stay longer.
  • My signature Offer-Making Formula to monetize your gifts, skills and talents ideas into more income than you ever thought possible.
  • How to take the brakes off your success with a more powerful mindset that opens up the right opportunities for you.
  • Precisely what you should do next…and next…and next…to bring your ideal clients through your door.
  • And much, much more.
Kristin Wehner Keffeler
“My income increased 700%!”
For 3 years I worked as a wellness coach. While my clients raved about our work, I always struggled to enroll new ones. And my income wasn’t acceptable.

That’s when Rhonda encouraged me to choose a viable target market and roll my expertise into a package of tangible benefits my clients would value highly.

My income increased 700%! Now I’m a well-recognized expert among all the top leaders in my market. I have powerful alliances with top Wealth Advisors. The speaking gigs are flowing in!

I’m doing heart work with people I love who see me as essential to their success. And it’s opened me up to new markets I love to work with — the next generation in wealthy families!

Kristin Keffeler

Lara Galloway“My income nearly tripled…
and I’m only working 20 hours a week.”
Rhonda saved me so much time and heartache by showing me how to focus my message, talents and attention.

Since I chose my niche market — Mom Entrepreneurs — my income nearly tripled. Six new clients hired me in the last two weeks!

I’ve crafted my own brand, developed products and programs that solve my clients’ top problems, I have my own radio show, and I’ve built a community of loyal followers who find me!

I’m having a great time. And I’m only working 20 hours a week.

Lara Galloway

Lora Colautti“Your Highly Profitable Niche dramatically changed my business!”
Choosing my niche market was so much easier than I had expected thanks to the simple step by step actions, the engaging group calls and Rhonda’s spot on support. This program shifted something within me and gave me the focus and clarity I needed to take my business to an entirely new level! Within weeks I had 4 new clients all from my niche market!

Lora Colautti

YES, Rhonda! Sign me up for Your Highly Profitable Niche System NOW!


Would You Like to Blow the Lid Off Your
Monthly Income and Enjoy Truly Championing a Niche of Ideal Clients? It’s time to Do Good in the World and Do Well Financially Too!

When you apply the simple steps you learn in this system, you’ll be thrilled to discover that…

  • You stand out from other change agents and thought leaders.
  • Highly committed clients come looking for YOU, ready to pay your highest fees.
  • It’s finally simple to tell people what you do in a way that inspires them to engage.
  • Clients stay longer and achieve far more in your work together.
  • Products and programs are much easier to create. And they sell like crazy!
  • Your expertise, visibility, credibility and confidence soar.
  • Your competition is dramatically reduced or even eliminated.
  • Word-of-mouth news about your services spreads like wildfire.
  • You earn 2 to 10 or even 100 times more every month while investing far less time trying to find clients.
Debbie Nixon
“This course paid for itself in 8 weeks!”
By interviewing a senior executive in my niche market, not only did I learn more about what’s important to my prospects, he hired me as his coach at my full fee! What a fantastic outcome for a homework assignment!

Debbie Nixon

Kristin Wehner Keffeler
“I can’t emphasize enough how valuable this system is for entrepreneurs.”
I knew my niche was too broad to be really effective. With Rhonda’s system I narrowed to high-level women execs, created a powerful benefit statement and core suite of offers designed specifically for my market.

This “Client-centric” approach works and the course paid for itself in a few short weeks.

I’m now seen as the “go to person” for my market and have a strategic marketing funnel for deeper, lasting relationships with my clients.

Evelyn Kalinosky, Founder & CEO
I help high-level women execs achieve a more sacred kind of success that is as unique as their fingerprint.

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This Is the Same Profitable Method Used by
the World’s Richest Coaches and Thought Leaders.

Chances are, you’ve heard stories about prosperous professionals like Ali Brown. Today she dances on a very big stage with her own lifestyle and business magazine.

But she started out by focusing all her products and services on one distinct target market. She joined coaching organizations, went to coaching events and found out exactly what coaches want and will buy. After that her multi-million dollar business emerged.

And she cultivated a fan base within that market that gave her the confidence, the success and the platform to step into the world in a much bigger way.

So whether you feel called to step into a bright international spotlight, or simply to make a very good living serving others closer to home, finding a viable niche market for you is THE KEY to cultivating your success.

“I’ve worked with numerous high-end, Fortune 500 executive coaches but Rhonda is by far the best coach I’ve come across during my career.”
Rhonda’s system Your Highly Profitable Niche gets straight to the point and best of all, comes in easy to execute, step-by-step doses. There is no fluff, no guess-work, just follow the path to success. I’m infinitely grateful for Rhonda’s expertise and her deep passion for helping me to succeed.

Martin Fox
CEO of the award-winning Center for Global Leadership

YES, Rhonda! Sign me up for Your Highly Profitable Niche System NOW!


People who enrolled in Your Highly Profitable Niche say this is the best investment they’ve ever made in their own business.

You’ll finally have the courage and leverage to break through the ceiling in your monthly income. Your clients will become your raving fans and help you build your own “empire”.

You’ll finally have the roadmap that helps you quickly expand from 1:1 services that keep you on the money for time treadmill, into recurring revenue with high-ticket programs.

You’ll bring all of your strengths and talents into full creative self-expression in your business and into sessions with clients too.

And you’ll finally be able to look yourself in the mirror, and into the faces of your friends and family, and say with complete confidence, “I am a masterful change agent and successful entrepreneur.”

This learning system Is NOT for Everyone.

This action oriented tele-workshop —Your Highly Profitable Niche — is for coaches who are 100% ready to uplevel their business RIGHT NOW instead of someday.


  • You are highly committed to invest resources into your own success.
  • You are action oriented and won’t let fear or being a beginner stop you.
  • You have lots of good reasons why you want to earn a soul-satisfying living.
  • You’re tired of trying to figure it all out on your own it.
  • You will dedicate time to complete this transformational learning experience.
  • You are ready to leverage the wisdom of these secrets in your business.

Please save your money if any of these statements below sound like you!

If You Think: “Money isn’t important to me.”

The Truth Is: If you’re truly happy making a paltry living through scattershot approaches then this is not for you. You must want a financially successful business as well as happy clients and joyful experiences to do well with this system.

If You Think: “I won’t narrow my niche because I can help everyone.”

The Truth Is: Helping everyone will ensure you’re unknown and earning little. Prospects will pass you and your services by, opting instead to hire professionals who stand out in the crowd. When you focus your message on a credible set of outcomes your viable market really wants and will invest in to achieve, that’s when your phone consistently rings and your programs fill.

If You Think: “I’m afraid to narrow my niche because I don’t have the expertise they will expect.”

The Truth Is: That’s the beauty of the viable niche market approach. You don’t need to know anything about most markets to serve the people in them. You will quickly learn from them everything you need to know. And remember, coaching and mentoring is about drawing out your client’s wisdom, not having the answers yourself.

If You Think: “I just created a brand new website. I don’t want to redo it!”

The Truth Is: If your website hasn’t brought you a steady stream of clients, why stay attached to the way it is now? You’ll always know more tomorrow than you know today. To succeed it’s critical that you adopt a “test and tweak” approach to your website and all forms of marketing. Stay connected to what your tribe really wants and keep growing with them.

If You Think: “My friends and family say that narrowing my focus is the wrong thing to do.”

The Truth Is: Are they six or seven figure entrepreneurs? No? Then stop listening to them about this! What you’re going to learn about becoming the go-to resource for a viable market is used by every successful business owner. This is a proven strategy, not theory. You can do what your friends suggest. Or you can make a whole lot of money and treat them to lunch instead!


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Are You Ready to
Do Good in the World and Do Well Financially with a
Highly Profitable Niche You’ll Love?

What investment will you make now to transform your little-known business into a cash-generating machine?

Just 3 payments of $277 US — or save $134 and make one payment of $697 — your choice.

This is no ordinary training.

This is where you finally leverage all your skills, passion and experiences into a niche you’ll love that will pay off every month.

Your Highly Profitable Niche SystemAfter helping hundreds of entrepreneurs with this system, I feel even more strongly that the right niche is the single most important decision you’ll make in your business. It’s worth it to be walked through the tradeoffs, options and have someone tease out of you the most viable niche market for you.

You’ll get:

  • 6 downloadable Interactive Webinars with Q&A
  • 3 downloadable “Get it Done Together” calls
  • 6 Inspiring Focus Guides
  • 11 Transformational Exercises

And you’ll have access to massive expertise as your blueprint.

So, the only way you’re not going to double, triple or quintuple your income will be if you don’t implement what you learn. This system is an active and fun training experience with every advantage for you to come away with a stake in the ground for a unique tribe, empowered to become the go-to top-of-mind resource, and a professional in high demand.

YES, Rhonda! Sign me up for Your Highly Profitable Niche System NOW!


Here Are Your Sign Up Bonuses…

10 Steps to Enrolling More Clients Fast!
Value: $297

Have you ever choked when it came time to tell a potential new client about your fees? It might be because they weren’t ready to hear it yet. But don’t worry, there’s an easier way to enroll all the clients you want. You’ll never hear “I can’t afford it” again! I’ll show you how to prime your prospects so they’re hungry for your services. With this proven process and a set of powerful questions, your new clients are just a fun and effective discovery session away.
Secret Stash of Resources for Coaches Rhonda’s Secret Stash of Resources for Coaches
Value: $97

Need a great web graphic or layout designer? Wondering what’s the best email campaign company, shopping cart or web hosting service? Get immediate access to all the 3rd party services Rhonda and other top thought leaders use. All the legwork has been done for you so you can spend your time on what you love to do.

YES, Rhonda! Sign me up for Your Highly Profitable Niche System NOW!


A program like this would normally cost you $2000 and require you to wade through lots of materials to find the gold. This system will save you years of heartache and struggle. You will transform your client attraction approach, your mindset, and your business during the interactive workshop series.

When you apply these strategies to choose a highly profitable niche, you’ll see instantly how it gives you clarity, focus and a more powerful path to lasting prosperity, I predict you’ll want to refer all your colleagues to this system.

You’ll walk away with:

      • Clarity about who you serve, what they want and will buy from you.
      • Your own compelling message that snaps your ideal clients to attention.
      • Your own core suite of offers that naturally funnel clients to your programs.
      • Understanding about how to find, connect with and enroll ideal clients.

…And that’s how you bring a steady stream of clients to your door and dramatically boost your monthly income.

Here’s what we’ll cover in the 6 webinars and exercises.
You’ll have every possible tool to make the most of this system. Listen to each webinar with a focus guide so you won’t miss any important details. Then dig into the inspiring exercises that leads you to the next step. The downloadable Get it Done Together calls will help you remove stopping blocks, answer your burning questions, make powerful decisions, and take high payoff actions.

Webinar 1 Secrets of Conscious Marketing

You’ll hear about: How it’s not only possible but massively effective to market in an authentic way that uses your favorite skills – listening, asking powerful questions and helping others get where they most want to go
You’ll discover: That no one can market the transformation you provide better than you.
You’ll experience: Two fun exercises to help you gather all your assets, skills, experience and expertise together to influence your niche choice.
You’ll take away: More powerful mindsets about targeting and connecting with people you want to serve.
Webinar 2 Choose a Niche You’ll Love
You’ll hear about: Why there’s been a disconnect between what you do and what people will buy, and exactly how to connect those dots to inspire people to say YES!
You’ll discover: How to easily tell which niches are not viable or profitable and which are the most lucrative and easy to find.
You’ll experience: Exercises to help you brainstorm the best niche market for you — one that’s full of people who are accessible, eager to evolve and hungry to invest in themselves.
You’ll take away: YOUR NICHE market! Crystal clarity and pinpointed focus about who you serve so you can stand out and become THE insider for your target audience.
Webinar 3 Discover What Makes Your Niche Tick
You’ll hear about: Why it’s critical to know what the people you serve KNOW they want and the best way to hear that directly from them. No more guessing!
You’ll discover: Four no-cost ways to get to know your market well, and a set of magical questions to ask that they’ll value highly before you ever even mention your services.
You’ll experience: A step-by-step guide to a fun and easy info interview process to learn what makes people in your market tick.
You’ll take away: A gold mine of insider knowledge about your ideal clients so that you can serve them best and connect with them in a way that inspires investment in your programs.
Webinar 4 Craft Your Compelling Core Message
You’ll hear about: How to identify your own “secret sauce” that will put zing into your marketing.
You’ll discover: How to finally position your services as essential to your market for any economy.
You’ll experience: A simple formula to craft your unique benefit statement so you feel confident telling people what you do in any situation including public speaking, on your website and at networking events.
You’ll take away: Your own finessed client-winning benefit statement, that will have your prospects asking you “when can we start?”
Webinar 5 Create Your Irresistible Offers
You’ll hear about: How to create a funnel of offers that naturally inspires people to engage and enroll.
You’ll discover: How to speak to the heart of your prospects and gently pull them through your funnel of offers so they stay with you for years and refer others
You’ll experience: Templates and examples that help you craft your own irresistible suite of offers.
You’ll take away: Your own titles and concepts for programs your niche market really wants.
Webinar 6 Fast Plan to Clients and Cash
You’ll experience: 10 steps to enroll clients now! And the best strategies for you to build relationships of trust with your future clients.
You’ll discover: Ten successful habits of masterful and wealthy entrepreneurs to put in place now.

And don’t forget, you’ll also have the 3 downloadable “Get it Done Together” calls to keep you on track and leaping forward.

You’ll be instantly reimbursed for the cost of this system when you implement what you learn and bring in your first new clients. But frankly, that’s not good enough for me. I designed this program to pay you back many times over.

Imagine this…

You wake up in the morning, knowing exactly what to do.

Money, more than you ever hoped to make, is consistently flowing into your bank account every month.

You are in love again with coaching, serving and the freedom of being your own boss.

You feel inspired by everything you do — even when you’re marketing because you know you’re serving people’s deepest needs, while you reach your own full potential.

Your ideal clients, lots of them, are lining up to work with you.

These are just some of the paybacks you’ll experience when you implement what you learn from this workshop.

As soon as you register, you’ll receive immediate access to your first information-packed Study Guide and webinar.

YES, Rhonda! Sign me up for Your Highly Profitable Niche System NOW!


My 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Your Highly Profitable Niche System is RISK-FREE.
I stand behind it with a 100% guarantee. Because I know when you implement the surprisingly simple strategies you’ll learn, you’ll be on your way to success.

Please listen to all 6 interactive webinars and the 3 Get it Done Together sessions, and thoroughly work through the exercises.

After that, if you honestly believe you didn’t get a thing you could use to improve your business from my program, e-mail us within 30 days at: I’ll gladly refund your money in exchange for your feedback.

That’s how much I believe that this system will be the catalyst that propels you into a far richer monthly income and deeper satisfaction by being the champion of your clients.

YES, Rhonda! Sign me up for Your Highly Profitable Niche System NOW!


I can’t wait to hear you share your success story because I know that having a viable niche market will make the difference between doing “OK” and have a lasting wealth building and soul-satisfying business.


Many Blessings!

Rhonda Hess
Rhonda Hess, Niche Success StrategistRhonda Hess
Niche Success Strategist
Founder of Prosperous Coach®


P.S. Remember, attracting a steady stream of high-paying clients who are motivated to invest and enroll with you is EASY when you follow the proven formula you’re going to learn from me.

P.P.S. Are you satisfied with your monthly income, how long your clients stay, and how easy it is to fill your high ticket programs? No? It’s time for a proven approach. You have nothing to lose and a whole new level of business recognition and satisfaction to gain. Here’s that link again.